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More Than Just A Mobile Phone!

Telecommunications Unlimited International is more than just a mobile phone provider, we offer a number of different products and services to companies in developing countries.

Below are some of the products and services we offer to our clients - if you wish to discuss more feel free to get in contact with us!


Cellular Device Production and Distribution

We are able to provide our clients with the cellular devices that they need to provide to their customers. 

With the support of a number of manufacturers we are able to provide you with cellular devices that are branded with your brand or our brand with accessories that you can utilise with these devices to increase sales across the board.

We are able to provide you with the quantities that you require and the marketing materials you will need to make sure your new product line hits it out of the park.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss the devices that we can provide you with.



 Asset and Operation Management

Managing your assets and operations can be time consuming and sometimes difficult - thats where we step in.

Telecommunications Unlimited International is able to manage your assets and operations to ensure their effectiveness, efficiency and profitability. We will bring in experts in the field to ensure your assets and operations are in safe hands.



Sales Development and Management

Having an effective sales team means they don't miss the opportunities that they are presented when they speak with your customers.

Working with a group of experienced sales coaches and managers, Telecommunications Unlimited International is able to provide you with people that can help ensure your sales team are more productive than ever and never miss an opportunity. 

We can help deploy effective sales techniques and help sales staff overcome objections - in addition we can work with your internal teams to ensure sales targets are reflective of the growth you need in your company.



 Custom Solutions

Sometimes businesses need other solutions provided to them and such solutions created based on their needs at the time.

Telecommunications Unlimited International doesn't shy away from providing custom solutions that meet the needs of our clients. We will work with you to understand the issues that you are having and create a solution that will ensure we solve the problems that you have.

The first step - contact us to discuss!



Government Solutions

Government Agencies need Cellular Devices as well - and high quality ones at that.

Telecommunications Unlimited International are able to provide all types of government agencies with secure cellular devices to ensure the highest level of security is maintained and your conversations aren't intercepted.

We can assist with mass deployment of cellular devices and ensuring that all your staff are trained on these devices.




Telecommunications Unlimited International is prepared to discuss how we can help you with your telecommunications solutions.

Feel free to reach out to us today to discuss how we can assist.